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Couple Therapy Session


Elaine S. Brown, LPC

"As long as you are breathing there is more right with you than wrong" Jon Kabbat Zinn

Elaine uses a combination of theories, but primarily uses cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques to assist clients in finding a more fulfillling life.   Elaine's journey in life has been one of many paths all culminating in her current work as a psychotherapist. She has discovered new meaning to her life in her work with clients in the therapeutic process.  As a therapist, she hopes to help clients find new pathways to happiness and fufillment.  Elaine has a warm and caring demeanor and uses a direct approach and gentle humor in her work with clients.  

The process of change in our lives is not an easy journey.  Change takes courage and commitment; the courage to face our fears and the commitment to take the necessary steps to walk through those fears in order to change our path.  If you are ready to take the journey toward a more positive life, call or email me today and let's walk that path together.

I believe it is an honor to be invited into my client's lives as a trusted confidante.  As a therapist, I want to help my clients build more satisfying relationships with self and others.  I believe that relationships are an important aspect of many people's lives.  If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or relationship issues, I would be honored to assist you with finding new meaning and fulfillment in your life.  The possibilities are endless.

Education, Certifications and Professional Organizations:
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Mediator
University of Houston-Victoria M.A. Counseling Psychology
Texas Tech University School of Law J.D.
Texas Tech University B.S. Education
Texas Counseling Association - member

For more information or to make an appointment, email or call me at:
elaine@liveoakscounseling.com or 512-960-4477.

Leslie Bley, LPC

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” - Brené Brown

Leslie believes we were made for MORE. More connection. More hope. More impact. However, living in a broken world means we’ve often faced more pain, more loneliness, more loss, more “stuckness,” and more experiences for which we were not designed. Leslie is here to provide counseling help and care for life’s broken places.

With over 12 years of counseling experience, Leslie specializes in helping couples fall more deeply in love, life stage adjustments and transitions, postpartum recovery, moms struggling with anger, female sexual well being, and shame (self-image) related issues either personally or in relationships with others. Leslie also provides online therapy for those for whom getting to a local counselor is a challenge. 

What a brave step it can be to pursue counseling. Leslie counts it a privilege to engage clients’ stories and help them experience the connection, change, and hope they long for. 

Education, Certifications and Professional Organizations: 

MA, Counseling

BA, Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor

Christian Counselors of Texas, member

For more information or to make an appointment, email or call me at:
leslie@liveoakscounseling.com or 512-960-4477.

Diana Pucetti, LPC-S


Diana Puccetti has been practicing as an LPC since 1998 and obtained her Supervisor License in 2009. Her counseling technique takes into account each person as an individual while utilizing a Holistic Approach. The counseling techniques utilized during sessions to facilitate a productive engagement and interactions include, but are not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Existential, Mindfulness and Family System’s Theor


Diana began working with at-risk adolescents and their families in 1996. During this time she dealt with issues that included chronic runaway, truancy, substance abuse/dependence, self-abusive behaviors, family and relationship stress.  Currently, Diana works with adolescents and adults who are experiencing difficulty in their relationships, struggling with substance abuse, and coping with other life issues.

Diana’s past experience also included providing Crisis Assessments and helping foster/adoptive families deal with issues relating to fostering and adopting children. Diana has a diverse work experience as a therapist and that informs her as she helps clients dealing with difficult situations.  She brings a direct, warm and caring demeanor to the therapeutic process and is ready to help you along the next steps to a more productive life.

For more information or to make an appointment, email or call me at:
diana@liveoakscounseling.com or 512-960-4477.


Staci Carlton, LPC 

“We have all been there… stuck. Days, months, even years go by, aware of the desire for change, but not sure where to start. Our collaboration is where it begins.”


Staci is clinically trained to address issues of addiction, trauma, anger, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, grief and hopelessness.  Staci can assist individuals, couples, family or groups with finding the path to a more satisfying life.  She has experience treating all ages from varying backgrounds and approaches treatment from a culturally sensitive position.

Staci brings her passion, expertise, clinically-tested and empirically based interventions to her work with clients to help them feel empowered. She provides support to clients while they explore, breakthrough, and overcome patterns that have kept them from fulfilling their goals and finding contentment.  Staci tailors her approach by determining clients' psychological needs and the desired outcomes. These factors will determine the duration of treatment and techniques applied.

Educated and trained in Boston, living and practicing in Austin, Staci is Boston STRONG and Austin WEIRD. Staci also holds certifications in yoga instruction and has professional and personal interest in mindfulness and healthy living.


Education and Certifications: 

MA, Counseling Psychology - Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

BS, Psychology - Texas State University
Licensed Professional Counselor

Certifified Yoga Teacher - YogaFit 

For more information or to make an appointment, email or call me at:
@liveoakscounseling.com or 512-960-4477.


Albert Doepner, LPC, LSSP

Albert offers a safe, warm, and respectful environment where clients may explore their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and fears.  He strives to build a trusting relationship where the client and therapist may work collaboratively to develop more effective coping strategies and, by extension, self-esteem.  As a therapist, Albert's goal is to work together with the client to develop self-understanding, flexibility, resilience, strength, functionality, and mastery.

By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, with respect and sensitivity, Albert and the client can clarify long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.  Albert may employ the EMDR approach to therapy to help the client re-process old disturbing memories that influence current emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts/beliefs that may contribute to current distress or sense of dissatisfaction.

Are you one of the many who suffer from Panic Disorder?  Do you fear doing everyday things such as going to the supermarket, driving a car, or going to a movie?  You may hold certain beliefs that help maintain this disorder.  These beliefs, the emotional fear, and the physical symptoms feed on each other and ensure that the dreaded cycle will continue.  Cognitive-behavioral methods have proven effective for Panic Disorder.  You will learn to cope with stress and general anxiety.  Your recovery lies within you. Together we will find your strength and you will become empowered and unafraid.

It takes awareness and courage to seek out couples counseling.  Albert feels his mission is to help committed couples come to understand the issues with which they are struggling and help them create a sustainable and enjoyable relationship that will continue to improve one the counseling process is complete.  Albert uses Gottman therapy interventions to rebuild the couples’ friendship system, come to nurture in each other fondness and admiration for one’s partner once more, and practice turning toward each other instead of away. 

Education and Certifications:
Licensed Professional Counselor
Southwest Texas State University, M.Ed
University of Texas-Austin, BA Psychology .
Texas Counseling Association – member

Marriage Friendly Therapists - member

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

For more information or to make an appointment, email or call me at:
albert@liveoakscounseling.com or 512-960-4477.

Katie Abney, LPC, LMFT

Katie is a dually licensed clinician who specializes in working with adolescents, parents and families, as well as adults.   In addition to working in private practice, Katie has gained experience in a number of different settings including a correctional facility, a child and adolescent inpatient unit, an adult forensic inpatient unit, and a residential treatment center for boys.  


Katie works with some of the most intense and difficult adolescents.  Katie has a passion for working with juvenile offenders as well as those at risk to become juvenile offenders.  She works to help them reach their goals and propel them for success in their lives.  

Katie believes that working with the families of these youth is extremely important to the long term success of the adolescent and therefore this is an integral part of the therapeutic process.  She works to improve and deepen the relationship between the youth and their family as well as helps the family understand the child in a way that fosters success and nurturing. 


Katie has a passion for working adults seeking support during life transition or crisis and those seeking healing from childhood trauma or past experiences.

She believes that as humans, we are hardwired to connect and this need for attachment and connection begins in the womb and continues throughout our lives.   Our experience with attachment largely contributes to our emotional functioning, how we view ourselves and those around us, how we function in relationships, and much more.  It also sets the stage for how resilient we are when faced with challenges and traumatic events in our lives.  Insecure attachments or disruptions in attachment can greatly impact how children and adults function in life.

Education and Certifications:
St. Edwards University M.A.
Texas Christian University B.S.
Licensed Professional Counselor 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Nurtured Heart Apporach Certified Trainer 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, email or call me at:
katie@liveoakscounseling.com or 512-960-4477.


Dixon Parnell, LPC

"The human soul is to be tended like a garden, not a machine."

Dixon is a Licensed Professional Counselor who's paid the bills doing everything from teaching Latin to middle schoolers to concert sound to dispatching freight train cars all over the country to installing sound systems in, around and under schools in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He's settled on his life's work, which is providing himself as a vessel through which goodness and light might show up in hurting peoples' lives. With experience in the mental health field as diverse as substance abuse recovery, helping children in chaotic and violent home environments, inpatient psychiatric work, and a great deal of eating disorder recovery, he approaches the complexities of life thoughtfully and holistically. 

He has a great excitement around examining ways in which religion might impact a person's general sense of wellness-both harmful as well as life affirming. Holder of degrees in philosophy, religion, Christian education and mental health (and informed by his eating disorder work), he loves coming alongside clients to help them fashion a wide angle lens to see how all the pieces of their life fit together as they work to try and see just how close to a warm place to call home they may be.

He calls Memphis, Tennessee home, and feels the gravity of the land of the Delta blues in so many ways. He went to college outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, did some school in Dallas before doing yet more in Memphis, Tennessee before he moved to Austin in 2013 to be a chaplain in the Seton system. He loves his two cats, great books and movies, the Drafthouse, being outside, and music. (Don't be surprised if he quotes you a song lyric or two or scribbles down a U2 song for you to track down.)

He feels comfortable working with guys and girls, from middle school up.

Education, Certifications and Professional Organizations: 

University of Memphis, M.S.

Dallas Theological Seminary, M.A.

Hendrix College, B.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

American Counseling Association, member

Austin Eating Disorder Specialists, member

For more information or to schedule an appointment, email or call me at:

dixon@liveoakscounseling.com or 512-960-4477.